Enviroclean Degreaser

Enviroclean is a new technology water based medium duty degreaser. This product is very environmentally friendly, cleans surfaces very effectively, and is streak and residue free. Enviroclean is very flexible, as it can be used on virtually any surface without harm. This includes aluminum, leather, paint and plastics.

Enviroclean works by reducing the surface tension between the surface and the contaminant. It works very well freeing contaminants so they can be absorbed away. For this reason we recommend using a mircofiber cloth. Not only are microfiber cloths absorbent they can be used over and over by cleaning them in Enviroclean after use.

Enviroclean is a true concentrate. It rarely needs to be used stronger than a 1:6 dilution. Enviroclean is SCAQMD compliant when diluted 1:3 or greater.